Noteworthy News 9/24/17

MUFFINS FOR MITES Please join us in fellowship today as the Priscilla Guild sponsors “Muffins for Mites”. Your fellowship donations will go to support the continued mission work of the LWML. 

NEWSLETTER The October newsletter and calendar are available to view/print on our website,

10:30AM BIBLE STUDY The Tuesday morning Bible study WILL meet this coming Tuesday, Sept. 26, but will not meet again until October 24.

SUNDAY MORNING ADULT BIBLE STUDY Come and join us on Sunday mornings at 8:15am to study “A Man Named Martin.” This 3-part (13-week) study from Lutheran Hour Ministries covers the man, the moment, and the movement.  As we celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, I invite you to come and learn about who Martin Luther was, what he taught and spoke out against, and how it changed the world. Contact Pastor Hansen for more information. Weekly recaps are being sent by email to the congregation, and you may also find recaps from past weeks on the Adult Bible Study link on the homepage of our website, 

LWML FALL ZONE RALLY Can YOU come forth and be in service to Christ “Faith through the Word”? That’s what LWML is all about! Join us Saturday, October 7 here at St. Paul for breakfast and Bible study. Five hundred years ago Martin Luther posted his 95 theses about the Christian life of repentance. His bold action began a movement that we call the Reformation. The work of the Reformation continues to this day as missionaries bring God’s Word to people throughout the world in places like Vietnam. Our presenters, Willis and Carol Wulf, have gone on mission trips to Vietnam and will share with us firsthand how in all nations, God has brought faith through the Word. Registration begins at 8:30am, and breakfast will be served at 9:00am. Signup sheets for attendance and for providing food for the breakfast are located in the Narthex. Ingathering items for SE Linn Comm. Center include: new or gently used winter clothing, coats or gloves, packages of new under and socks for any age, kid-sized hangers with clips, toilet paper, Kleenex, paper towels, applesauce, crackers (any kind), hamburger helper 


Reformation Walk, October 8
Walk where Luther walked. You may not live in sixteenth-century Germany, but on October 8, you can walk in the footsteps of Martin Luther at our Reformation Walk. Your whole family will enjoy the sights, sounds, and tastes of the Reformation and learn how the world changed forever. The walk will be held from 2-5 p.m. at Camp Io-Dis-E-Ca.  Invite your friends!  There are handouts on the table in the Narthex that you can take and share with others.  We will be serving a simple “German” snack of rootbeer and pretzels.  We need donations of 2-liter bottles of rootbeer and bags of twist-style pretzels. Please put your donations in the kitchen. 

Traveling this fall?  Take Martin Luther with You!
As you travel this fall bring Traveling Martin Luther with you. We’ll post the pictures at church and on the St. Paul Facebook page.  We will keep track of Luther’s travels through the end of October to culminate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Pick up a Traveling Luther on the wall of Sonya’s cubicle.

Upcoming Dates
October 8 – Reformation Walk at Camp Io-Dis-E-Ca, 2pm
December 10 – Children’s Christmas Program

Julie Baumler



HS and MS Youth Upcoming Events
October 8, Reformation Walk
We are doing this in place of the youth night. This is for all Middle School and High School youth. It will take place at Camp IO-DIS-E-CA from 2-5 pm. We will meet at the church at 1:30 and travel there together. Please RSVP by Oct. 1 so that I make sure transportation is covered.     If you are planning to attend with your family, that is fine, you can meet up with us at Camp. I hope everyone can make it.

Middle School Youth Upcoming Events
TONIGHT                      Youth Night 5-7pm
Sun., October 22         Youth Night 5-7pm

High School Youth Upcoming Events
TONIGHT                      Youth Night 6-8pm
TONIGHT                      Higher Things Meeting, 7pm
Sun., October 22         Youth Committee Meeting (following service)
Sun., October 22         Youth Night 6-8pm

Sonya Sullivan

SUNDAY SCHOOL NEWS God Provides for Elijah: 1 Kings 17; Story Bible p. 218. Just as God provided food and life for Elijah, the widow, and her son, so He provides food, forgiveness, and life eternal for us in Christ. Consider asking, “How did God provide food for Elijah? In what ways does God provide for us today?” 

FELLOWSHIP One to two families are needed to provide/serve fellowship on Sunday, October 15. There is a signup sheet on the wall near the counter in the fellowship hall. 

LWR KITS The following items are needed to complete this year’s Lutheran World Relief kits which will be delivered to the drop off location in mid October: dark colored hand towels, blunt children’s scissors, rulers, black or blue pens (no gel ink), crayons (24 in a box), 2 ½” eraser, bar soap, metal nail clippers, sturdy wide-tooth combs. Please put items in the basket inside the entry doors by Sunday, October 8. There is a list of items needed on the table by the basket. Contact Gloria Krob for more information.

LUTHERAN SEAL Check out the photos of the Lego® Lutheran Seal put together by our congregation on the bulletin board in the Narthex. Thanks to Crysten Sanchez for organizing the activity!

CORNELL HURRICANE RELIEF DRIVE Cornell College is organizing a hurricane relief drive. A donation box is located at Thomas Commons on the campus, and items should be turned in by Thursday, September 28. There is a flyer with items needed on the bulletin board, and there are inserts with info you may take with you on the table below the bulletin board in the Narthex. 

PRAYERS THIS WEEK Susan Schmidt, Steve Williams, Ron Hertzler, Deloris Petersen, Gary Petersen, Glenn Kurth, Jan Behn, Sharon Jurgens, Marsha Light, Koreen Thompson, Bryan Maxie, Leila Taylor, Kathleen Hoagland, Joyce Conley, Carmen Musser, Bryan Mason, Leona Danker, Keith Karr, Aïchatou Johnson, Jim Steinberg, Cindy Hatfield, Jeff Butterbaugh, John Lord, Marcia Hauschild, Jim Otto, Bonnie Turner, Cathy Troll, Dandeta Schadle, Tammy Rogers, Kent Hill, Kay Hill 

Sunday School children: 23   adults: 6
Wed. Evening Service: 10   Sunday Morning Svc.: 91

Last Week $    1,342                Goal: $ 3,688
This Year: $140,595                Goal: $140,144