Noteworthy News 12/10/17

CHILDREN’S CHRISTMAS PROGRAM TODAY The children and youth invite the congregation and their guests to their Christmas program, “Starry, Starry Night” today at 4pm. The program will be followed by a soup supper for all. All are invited to attend!

POINSETTIAS Once again we are accepting monetary donations to purchase poinsettias for the church for Christmas. Please make checks payable to St. Paul with “flowers” in the memo line. Please place donations in the envelope in the secretary’s office by TODAY. 

FOREVER YOUNG will meet for a potluck on Tuesday, Dec. 12 at 12 noon. 

ADVENT SERVICES Our second Advent meal & service will be on Wednesday, Dec. 13. The meal (soup, salad, dessert) will begin at 5:15pm, and Advent worship is at 6:30pm. The meal is served by the youth (freewill offering). 

MISSION OF HOPE We will be serving the noon meal at Mission of Hope on Wednesday, Dec. 13. Volunteers are needed to provide/prepare/serve the meal. There are signup sheets in the Narthex. Apple crisps and cookies are still needed. Contact Vickie Ozburn for more information.

NEWSLETTER ARTICLES for the January newsletter are due next Sunday, Dec. 17. Thanks!

FELLOWSHIP One to two families are needed to provide/serve fellowship on Sunday, Dec. 17. The signup sheet is on the wall near the counter in the fellowship hall.

ADVENT DEVOTIONALS Paper Advent devotions from Lutheran Hour Ministries are available in the Narthex. There are also free family Christmas devotionals from CPH on the table as well. Please take as many as you’d like.

TERRI LYNN NUTS AND CANDIES are here. Make checks payable to the Priscilla Guild and place in the wooden lock box. Proceeds go toward missions.


Higher Things Bake Sale Fundraiser

Saturday, December 16 – Bake Sale preparation 9-11am
at church

Sunday, December 17 – Bake Sale

Upcoming events

January 7, 21 – MS &SH Youth Nights
January 26-27 – Middle School Retreat (Camp Io-Dis-E-Ca) 

Sonya Sullivan


Stage Set-up
We will be setting up the stage for the Christmas program TODAY following the worship service.  We could use a few good men (or women) to help.  We will also need assistance taking it down after the program, following the soup supper. 

Children Sing at Hallmark Next Sunday
The preschool – 4th graders will be singing their Christmas program songs at Hallmark Care Center next Sunday during the Sunday School hour.  Please plan to have your children here right at 8:15 so we can organize rides and get there by 8:30. If your child has a car seat, please plan to leave it at church for them or drive them there yourself.  We will be done by 8:45 or so and come back to the church for Sunday School activities. 

Julie Baumler

THANK YOU to all who participated in any way with the living nativity on Nov. 30. We had a record crowd!! Special thanks to Brenda Bany, Julie Baumler, April Eggers and others who repaired/replaced some of the costumes. Thanks to Gene Freiburger who reconfigured all our lighting so that we could get rid of the cords, and to Karl from Bethany who provided our sound.  A lot of time was invested this year from all.  It was greatly appreciated. Thank you, Sonya Sullivan 

SUNDAY SCHOOL NEWS: Esther: In the actions of Esther, we see the pattern of deliverance that God sketches throughout the story of Israel, a pattern that finds its fulfillment in Jesus, our Savior. Consider discussing, “How did Esther preserve the Jewish people? Why is the story of Esther important?”

DIRECTORY UPDATE The church directory will be updated in January. Please take a look at the current directory in the Narthex and add/edit as needed. Thank you.

NURSERY Additional volunteers are needed to help staff the church nursery during the Sunday School hour on Sunday mornings. Signup sheets to volunteer and a calendar for Sunday morning availability are on the table in the Narthex. Contact Nicki Hanselman for more information: 624-7179, 

FUTURE CHURCH NEEDS There are papers on the table in the Narthex that have a list of possible future needs/ideas for St. Paul. Please take one, write down any comments or ideas and put in Willis Wulf’s church mailbox, and he will then determine if a committee should be formed. 

PRAYER CHAIN UPDATE Here at St. Paul we have an email prayer chain. There will be a sheet in the Narthex through the end of the year. If you would like to be added, please write your name and email on the sheet, or if you would like to be removed, please cross off your name. Any questions, please contact Tracy.

GREETING CARDS Christmas cards are now available in the card display in the Narthex. Cost is $1.00 each, and proceeds go to support our youth. Place money in the LYF coffee can on the round table. 

PRAYERS THIS WEEK Butch Heck, Glenn Kurth, Patti Hawxby, Norma Frey, Vickie Ozburn, Susan Schmidt, Steve Williams, Ron Hertzler, Gary Petersen, Jan Behn, Marsha Light, Koreen Thompson, Bryan Maxie, Leila Taylor, Kathleen Hoagland, Joyce Conley, Carmen Musser, Bryan Mason, Keith Karr, Jim Steinberg, Cindy Hatfield, Marcia Hauschild, Bonnie Turner, Cathy Troll, Tammy Rogers, Kent Hill, Kay Hill, Annie Walker, Darlene Allard, John Fritz, Sue Larson, Brent & Jenni Flickinger, Richard Blanton, Evelyn Hanneman, Laurence Petersen, John Koester, family of Vernon Pickering (Vickie Ozburn’s father)

Sunday School children: 22 adults: 10
Wed. Advent Svc.: 41   Sunday Morning Svc.: 100

Last Week $ 4,206                   Goal: $   3,688
This Year: $181,582                Goal: $180,712