Noteworthy News 4/1/18

HAPPY EASTER! Easter breakfast will be served by our youth from 8:15am to 9am this morning, and the egg hunt for children will be at 9am.

FOOD PANTRY The first Sunday of every month is Food Pantry Sunday. Donations received on this day go to benefit the Southeast Linn Comm. Center Food Pantry. Be sure to pick up an envelope in the Narthex and place your donation in the offering plate during worship.

CARE PACKAGES for college students are available today in the Narthex. Students, please pick one up before you leave today.

EVENING PRAYER SERVICE WITH COMMUNION will be this Wednesday, April 4 at 6:30pm. All are welcome.

MEN’S BREAKFAST will be Saturday, April 7 at 8am at the church. All men of the congregation are invited to attend. Contact Jeff Adrian for more information.

LUTHERAN WORLD RELIEF KITS The Priscilla Guild is collecting items for baby care kits for LWR. A donation basket is on the table by the entry doors in the Narthex. Also on the table are lists of items needed and guidelines about those items. There is an instruction sheet to make homemade diapers out of t-shirts as well. Contact Gloria Krob for more information.

ALTAR FLOWERS There is a flower chart for the remainder of 2018 posted on the bulletin board. If you would like to provide altar flowers, please sign your name and write the occasion for which the flowers are being provided.

CHURCH MAILBOX Be sure to pick up the contents of your church mailbox in the entryway today as you leave today.

LWML SPRING ZONE RALLY What’s happening at the LWML Cedar Rapids Zone Spring Rally? Fellowship, Bible study, breakfast, and an inspiring speaker! Enjoy a presentation by Ronda Anderson, speaking on “Letting Your Faith Shine During Times of Trial”. Plan to attend “God’s Wisdom in our Suffering: Lessons from Job” on Saturday, April 14 at Bethany Lutheran in Cedar Rapids. There is a signup sheet in the Narthex. Registration starts at 8:30 with breakfast at 9:00am.

NURSERY Additional volunteers are needed to help staff the church nursery during the Sunday School hour on Sunday mornings. A signup sheet to volunteer through the end of the school year is on the table in the Narthex. Contact Nicki Hanselman for more information: 319-624-7179,


Vacation Bible School – July 15-19

Get ready for a rip-roaring rafting VBS! We’re starting to recruit volunteers for our Splash Canyon adventure.  VBS will be the evenings of July 15-19 from 6-8 p.m.  We will be needing volunteers for crafts, music, Bible challenge, crewleaders, decorating, and more!  Please take a look at the signup sheet on the table in the Narthex to see where your gifts could best be used.  Not sure what each role entails?  Feel free to ask either Brenda Bany or me, and we’ll be happy to explain.

Julie Baumler


Youth Committee Meeting
April 8 – Following worship service 

Youth Night, April 8
5-7pm Middle School
6-8pm High School

Upcoming Youth Nights
April 22, May 6

Sonya Sullivan

SPRING WORKDAY AT CAMP IO-DIS-E-CA You can help make Camp Io-Dis-E-Ca a beautiful place for all who use it! On Saturday, April 28, we’re looking for volunteers to prepare our site by clearing out brush, mulching trails, cleaning out a few cabins, and possibly putting together a new shed. We will also work on the landscaping for the new playset that will go between the gazebo and the parking lot. As we get ready for another year of providing Christ-centered education and recreation, will you help us in keeping Camp a beautiful and special location for all who enter our gates? As always, lunch is provided, so let Paul, our Site Manager, know you are coming by emailing him at or by calling 319.848.4187. We’ll be getting start by 9am and finish up by 4pm. This is a great event of Christian service for youth groups, families, and individuals!

LLL CONVENTION The annual IDE Lutheran Laymen’s League convention will be Saturday, April 28 at Park View Church in Eldridge, Iowa. The speaker will be Dr. Erik Hermann, Assoc. Professor and chair of the department of Historical Theology at Concordia in St. Louis. He served as the consulting historian for the PBS documentary, “Martin Luther: The Idea that Changed the World” which aired in 2017. Sign-in begins at 9am; the convention starts at 10am and will conclude about 4pm. A noon meal will be served. Registration forms are on the table in the Narthex.

BUILDING HEALTHY FAMILIES Here are bold and true words for you to recall today when you are worried or overwhelmed with life’s challenges and temptations: “Know ye then- sin, death, devil, and everything that assails me- that you are missing the mark. I am not one of those who are afraid of you. For Christ, my dear Lord, has presented to me that triumph and victory of his by which you were laid low. And from this very gift of His, I derive my name and am called a Christian. There is no other reason. My sin and death hung about His neck on Good Friday, but on the day of Easter they had completely disappeared. This victory He has bestowed on me. This is why I do not worry about you.” (Luther’s Easter Sermon, 1530) A blessed celebration of Easter to you from the Board of Directors and Staff of LFS! Lutheran Family Service (Quad Cities Reginal office 563-359-0696 or

PRAYERS THIS WEEK Susan Schmidt, Bill Ozburn, Ron Hertzler, Gary Petersen, Rebecca Hansen, Steve Williams, Jan Behn, Marsha Light, Bryan Maxie, Leila Taylor, Joyce Conley, Bryan Mason, Keith Karr, Jim Steinberg, Marcia Hauschild, Bonnie Turner, Cathy Troll, Tammy Rogers, Kent Hill, Kay Hill, Darlene Allard, Sue Larson, Richard Blanton, Evelyn Hanneman, Lorenz Petersen, John Koester, Barb Ingersoll, Beverly Moore, George Cusher, Janet Borin, Steve Hertzler, Rita Giblin, Rev. David Renfro, Lorraine Kuhlen, Leeann Moses, Tony Bonnstetter, family of Pat Fritz, family of Cindy Hatfield


Sunday School children: 24 adults: 10
Sunday Morning Svc: 110

Last Sunday: $ 2,894 Goal:   $ 3,825
This Year:      $ 43,290 Goal: $45,900