Noteworthy News 9/23/18

NEWSLETTER Information for the October newsletter is due to Tracy TODAY. Thanks!

ASSISTANT TO THE PASTOR See the bulletin insert. There will be a meeting after the worship service on Sunday, Sept. 30 for anyone with questions, etc. This position will be an agenda item to be voted on at the Oct. 21 Voters’ Assembly.

NURSERY Volunteers are needed to staff the church nursery during the Sunday School hour. Two people are needed each Sunday. There is a signup sheet in the Narthex for Sundays through Nov. 11. Any questions, please contact Erica McConaughy. 

COMMUNION will be offered at the 6:30pm Wednesday Evening Prayer service on the following dates:
October 3
October 17
October 31

LUTHERAN WORLD RELIEF KITS The Priscilla Guild is collecting items for SCHOOL KITS for LWR. A donation basket is on the table by the entry doors in the Narthex. Also on the table are lists of items needed and guidelines about those items. There is an instruction sheet to make homemade backpacks as well. Contact Gloria Krob for more information.

LWML Fall Zone Rally is Saturday, Oct. 6 from 9am to 1pm at King of Kings in Cedar Rapids. Registration begins at 8:30am followed by brunch at 9am. The theme is “Bloom and Witness Where you are Planted.” Speaker Deanna Glass invites you to bring your sunlight smile, and be ready for a morning full of love and joy! The Ingathering is “sock-tober”. Bring pairs and packages of men’s, women’s and children’s socks, lots of socks, for the local homeless shelters and low-income schools. There is a signup sheet in the Narthex.

SUNDAY SCHOOL NEWS Sin Enters the World: Genesis 3; Story Bible p. 29Today our children studied the Scripture’s account, “Sin Enters the World,” as the devil tempted Adam and Eve to sin. With the fall into sin came God’s punishment of death . . . but also His promise of a Savior. You might discuss, “How does sin affect us as a family? How does God’s promise of a Savior give us comfort?”


Middle School Upcoming Events (Mark your calendar):
TODAY – Youth Night 5-7pm
Friday, October 5 – Confirmation Retreat at camp (All are encouraged to attend)
Sunday, October 7 – Youth Night 5-7
Sunday, October 21 – Youth Night 5-7
Monday, October 22 – Pizza Ranch Fundraiser

High School Upcoming Events (Mark your calendar):
TODAY – Higher Things Meeting 11am
TODAY – Youth Night 6-8:15pm
Sunday, October 7-21 – Butter Braid Sale Begins
Sunday October 7 – Youth Night 6-8:15pm
Sunday, October 21 – Youth Night 6-8:15pm
Monday, October 22 – Pizza Ranch Fundraiser

Sonya Sullivan


Wednesday Night Adult Bible Study – Being Lutheran
Wednesday evening Bible study began last week.  We are studying the book Being Lutheran.  If you are interested in coming, there are copies of the second chapter of the book available on the table in the Narthex.  Please read this chapter before the study on Wednesday evening, if possible.  The group will meet at 7 p.m. in the library of the Sunday School wing. All are welcome.

Young Families Bible Study
The Young Families Bible Study will resume on Sunday, October 7 at 8:15 a.m. (in place of the regular Sunday School class that morning) and will continue to meet on the first Sunday of each month during the school year.  This year we will be looking at Godly Character and how to impart that on our children.

Julie Baumler

BIRTHDAY JAR There is a birthday jar near the card display in the Narthex. Members of the congregation are encouraged to drop in a penny for each year of their age during their birthday week. The funds raised are used for Sunday School needs. 

CHURCH MAILBOX Please be sure to pick up the information in your church mailbox before you leave today!

GREETING CARDS Remember there are greeting cards available in the church Narthex. There are cards for several occasions, and the cost is $1.00 each. Proceeds go to support our youth groups.

BUILDING HEALTHY FAMILIES Did You Know: “It’s more important what God thinks of you than what others think of you.” How often have you heard (or said) these words? Yet so often we slip into the habit of living for the approval of others. In Matthew 6, Jesus tells us not to do things for the approval of men. In the same chapter, He assures us that our Father, who sees and knows us inside out, is the One who can and will meet all our needs, including our need to be recognized, valued, and loved. Whew! What a relief! Life begins to look different (and much better!) when seen through the eyes of faith in our loving, gracious, living and forgiving God. Live in the light of that great love this week! Family Service (Quad Cities Regional Office 563-359-0696 or

PRAYERS THIS WEEK Francis Wolrab, Gary Petersen, Tim Akers, Susan Schmidt, Ron Hertzler, Jan Behn, Marsha Light, Bryan Maxie, Leila Taylor, Joyce Conley, Bryan Mason, Keith Karr, Jim Steinberg, Bonnie Turner, Cathy Troll, Tammy Rogers, Kent Hill, Kay Hill, Darlene Allard, Sue Larson, Richard Blanton, Beverly Moore, Janet Borin, Rev. David Renfro, Lorraine Kuhlen, Ray Briley, Aïchatou Johnson, Wynona Olson, John Eriksen, Carolyn Dillman, Pat Allard, Melvin Orwell, Mary Alice Caraway, Feltz family, Malinda White, Roberto

Sunday School: Adults: 6 Children: 20   Sunday Worship: 90
Wednesday Evening: 17

Last Sunday: $ 3,030              Goal: $ 3,825
This Year:    $135,650             Goal: $141,525