Noteworthy News 1/6/19

FOOD PANTRY The first Sunday of every month is Food Pantry Sunday. Donations received on this day go to benefit the Southeast Linn Comm. Center Food Pantry. Be sure to pick up an envelope in the Narthex and place your donation in the offering plate during worship.

CARE PACKAGES for college students are available today in the Narthex. Students, please pick one up before you leave today.

WED. COMMUNION Communion will be celebrated at the 6:30pm Evening Prayer Service on Wednesday, January 9. All are welcome.

WOMEN’S BIBLE STUDY The next women’s monthly Bible study will be next Saturday, January 12 at 10:30am at Cabin Coffee in Lisbon. All are welcome. Contact Gloria Krob for more information.

INSTALLATION NEXT SUNDAY Installation of 2019 officers will be during the worship service next Sunday, January 13. 

VOTERS’ ASSEMBLY The next quarterly voters’ assembly/potluck will be Sunday, Oct. 27 following the worship service. All members are encouraged to attend. There will be a prep meeting Sunday, Jan. 20 after the worship service, and reports for the meeting packet are due to Tracy Wednesday, January 23. 

TERRI LYNN nuts & candies are now $1.00 off the marked price. Please make checks payable to the St. Paul Priscilla Guild. Proceeds benefit missions. 

SUNDAY MORNING BIBLE STUDY The Journey: From Unbelief to Faith
Join us on Sunday mornings at 8:30am to learn about four individuals and their journey from unbelief to faith. This study from Lutheran Hour Ministries has four video interviews with a former atheist, religious Jew, new age spiritualist, and scientific rationalist, followed by group discussion. The first session is on January 13.

NURSERY Volunteers are needed to staff the church nursery during the Sunday School hour. Two people are needed each Sunday. There is a signup sheet in the Narthex for Sundays January through May. Any questions, please contact Erica McConaughy


Bring It Home:  Reading the Great Stories of the Bible
With busy schedules, we struggle at times with being in the  Word in our homes…and sometimes  it’s difficult to understand everything that we do read.  The Bring It Home program will provide members with five great stories from the Bible each week.  Participants will receive weekly emails (or handouts, for those who don’t email) that will list the stories, discussion questions, and prayers for each of the five days.  To make the readings even more accessible, participants can choose to read the stories from their own Bible, “The Story Bible” or another great resource, “Know the Bible Now.”

“Know the Bible Now” contains 120 key Bible stories, along with infographic summaries, maps, and realistic illustrations.   It is written for ages 10 – adult and is a great resource for those with older kids – or adults without kids in the home. We are doing a group order of “Know the Bible Now” for those interested using this resource for the Bring It Home program.  The cost is $16/book.  There is a copy of the book for you to review, along with a sign-up sheet in the Narthex if you would like to participate in the group order.  Orders are due Jan. 20.

You can sign up for the Bring It Home mailing list using the online form at  There is also a signup sheet on the table in the Narthex.  We will start our readings the week of Feb. 3.

New Adult Bible Study – Holy Spirit
The Wednesday evening Bible study will resume on January 9 at 7:00 p.m. (following the prayer service).  All members are invited to join us. We are starting a new 6-week series using the study “Holy Spirit:  Creative Power in Our Lives.”  The study will cover: Who is the Holy Spirit? How does the Spirit work in our lives as individuals, families, communities, and in the world at large? Drawing on Scripture, Luther’s writings, and contemporary theology, this study invites readers to experience the Spirit’s creative life and power within the complexity of our everyday lives.

Upcoming Dates
Jan. 9 – Adult Bible Study, 7 p.m.
Jan. 20 – “Know the Bible Now” orders due
Feb. 3 – Bring It Home readings begin

Julie Baumler


Middle School
TONIGHT – Youth Night, 5-7pm
January 20 – Youth Night, 5-7pm
January 25-26 – Retreat at Camp, Snowlympics

High School
TONIGHT – Youth Night, 6-8:15pm
January 20 – Youth Night, 6-8:15pm
February 8 – HS Event (mark your calendars)

Sonya Sullivan

SUNDAY SCHOOL NEWS The Birth of John Foretold: Luke 1:5-25; Story Bible pp. 266-268. Today’s Sunday School lesson is “The Birth of John Foretold.” The children learned that God, in His mercy, promised to send John to prepare sinful people for the coming of the Lord. God, in His Word, calls us to repentance, declaring us righteous because of His Son, Jesus. In your family discussions, ask, “When have you doubted God’s Word? How does God forgive and relieve our doubts?”

ACH OF TITHES & OFFERINGS Members are now able to submit their tithes and offerings electronically using ACH transfers from checking or savings accounts. Electronic giving is convenient for you and provides consistency for our church. Transfers will be initiated by St. Paul through Mount Vernon Bank & Trust on the 15th and the 30th of the month with a $10 minimum offering amount required. The service is free of charge to members and to St. Paul. Forms are on the table in the Narthex and can be returned to the Treasurer. Sign up today!

 LWR KITS During January the Priscilla Guild is collecting dark towels and bath soap for Lutheran World Relief kits:

  • light-weight bath-size towel (between 20” x 40” and 52” x 27”), dark color recommended
  • bath-size bars of soap, any brand, in original wrapping

Put items in the basket on the table inside the entry doors. Thank you!

DIRECTORY An updated congregational directory is in your church mailbox. Please take it and all the contents of your mailbox home with you today! 

THANK YOU Dear Fellow Redeemed, Please accept our heartfelt thank you for the generous Christmas gift given to us the day we celebrated our Savior’s birth. We continue to be humbled by how welcome you continue to make us feel here at St. Paul.  It is truly a blessing to be able to both worship here and serve Christ and His Church at the same time. God’s richest blessings to all of you in the coming year! Pastor, Marissa, and Bridget Buchmueller 

Thank you to the congregation of St. Paul for your Christmas card and gift. God’s blessings to you all! Tracy 

Thank you for the Christmas card and gift. It is a joy to work with the youth of our congregation. Sonya 

PRAYERS THIS WEEK Richard Koehn, Dennis Uthof, Gary Petersen, Susan Schmidt, Ron Hertzler, Mike Bonnstetter, Jan Behn, Bryan Maxie, Leila Taylor, Joyce Conley, Bryan Mason, Keith Karr, Jim Steinberg, Bonnie Turner, Cathy Troll, Tammy Rogers, Kent Hill, Sue Larson, Richard Blanton, Beverly  Moore, Rev. David Renfro, Ray Briley, Aïchatou Johnson, Wynona Olson, John Eriksen, Pat Allard, Mary Alice Caraway, Feltz family, Malinda White, Tate Little, Greg Murphy, Jared Blinks, Laura Hulsebus, Sherry Tobin, Susan Zell, Janet Borin, Sandi Stelken


Sun. School: Children: na  Adults: na  Worship: 95
New Year’s Eve: 27

CONTRIBUTIONS (final 2018)

Last Sunday: $    4,079            Goal: $    3,825
This Year:     $ 201,706            Goal: $ 198,900